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WeChat Official National Day Holiday Data Report
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This is a reproduction article from WeChat Official Account. China’s National Day extended holiday has become the most popular period for Chinese tourists to travel each year, and in recent years there has been tremendous growth in the travel industry and in travel to regions and countries abroad. In celebration of the final day of…

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How can Dianping bring you more customers?
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Imagine you are in a foreign city trying to figure out where to eat and perhaps, where to have fun. What would you do? Open up Tripadvisor app? Open up Yelp app? But how about Chinese travelers? No Yelp. Tripadvisor? Maybe. Almost every Chinese smartphone user would what is Dianping(点评) which has been around 2003 in…

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What is Meituan-Dianping?
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Imagine a combination of the following platforms That’s Meituan-Dianping after their merger in 2015. Today it is a tech firm that is valuated at $18 billion (US). With more than 600 million users on it’s platform, Meituan-Dianping is one definitely the largest O2O(online-to-offline) platform from China that can take consumers from online to offline. While…

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What is WeChat
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Many people seems to outside of China does not have a detail understanding of WeChat. What exactly is it? We chanced upon this great content from business insider which really simplify and explains What is WeChat. So here goes.   Thomson Reuters You may have never heard of WeChat, but it’s the most important app in China…

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Mobile Payment – WeChatPay Singapore
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WeChat Pay is here in Singapore. What does that means for merchants? First off, just like how Master Card, Visa and Nets has become a part of our life. Alipay and WeChatPay is a major part of Chinese consumer lifestyle. With WeChatPay, this simply means Chinese consumers can pay more conveniently. How does this impact…

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