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WeChat Official National Day Holiday Data Report

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This is a reproduction article from WeChat Official Account.

China’s National Day extended holiday has become the most popular period for Chinese tourists to travel each year, and in recent years there has been tremendous growth in the travel industry and in travel to regions and countries abroad.

In celebration of the final day of China’s extended National Day holiday, the WeChat team presents WeChat National Day Holiday Data Report revealing data concerning Chinese consumers’festive behaviors: Which cities had the most people traveling abroad? What were the most popular destinations abroad for tourists this year? And how did Chinese users behave on WeChat during one of the most important Chinese traditional festival?



  • Southeast Asia received the most Chinese tourists
  • Hong Kong returned as the most popular destination
  • The most remote location for check-in for Chinese tourists is in Greenland
  • 6.4 billion red packets were sent via WeChat during the Mid-Autumn Festival this year!


Check more details in the report below:

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