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October 2017


WeChat Official National Day Holiday Data Report

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This is a reproduction article from WeChat Official Account.

China’s National Day extended holiday has become the most popular period for Chinese tourists to travel each year, and in recent years there has been tremendous growth in the travel industry and in travel to regions and countries abroad.

In celebration of the final day of China’s extended National Day holiday, the WeChat team presents WeChat National Day Holiday Data Report revealing data concerning Chinese consumers’festive behaviors: Which cities had the most people traveling abroad? What were the most popular destinations abroad for tourists this year? And how did Chinese users behave on WeChat during one of the most important Chinese traditional festival?



  • Southeast Asia received the most Chinese tourists
  • Hong Kong returned as the most popular destination
  • The most remote location for check-in for Chinese tourists is in Greenland
  • 6.4 billion red packets were sent via WeChat during the Mid-Autumn Festival this year!


Check more details in the report below:

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How can Dianping bring you more customers?

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Imagine you are in a foreign city trying to figure out where to eat and perhaps, where to have fun.

What would you do? Open up Tripadvisor app? Open up Yelp app?

But how about Chinese travelers?
No Yelp. Tripadvisor? Maybe.

Almost every Chinese smartphone user would what is Dianping(点评) which has been around 2003 in Shanghai and today, since it’s merger with Meituan(美团), it has a user base of 600 million and 200 million monthly active users.

So let’s look at what are the typical process of a Chinese traveler using Dianping and how merchants could benefit from being on Dianpingf





What is Meituan-Dianping?

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Imagine a combination of the following platforms


That’s Meituan-Dianping after their merger in 2015. Today it is a tech firm that is valuated at $18 billion (US). With more than 600 million users on it’s platform, Meituan-Dianping is one definitely the largest O2O(online-to-offline) platform from China that can take consumers from online to offline. While retail has been on the recline in many countries, China’s online-to-offline market is something that is thriving even though ecommerce is flourishing domestically.

Why would you want to be on China’s number 1 O2O platform?

135 million Chinese outbound travelers spent a total of $261 billion (US) in 2016. Dianping is one of the apps that Chinese travelers depend on when they travel overseas to know where to shop, eat and stay. Here’s a guide on Forbes on how you can be listed highly on Dianping without breaking the bank.



Curious what’s the demographic for Meituan-Dianping?
While it various from countries to countries, let’s check out the stats for Singapore.


Are you curious to understand Chinese travelers behaviour? This picture below would show you what is the typical behaviour during 3 phases of a Chinese traveler.



A simple case study of how Dianping user utilise the app to find places for entertainment before trip and making a purchase for tickets even before they arrive on location.


Here’s a case study of the effect that Dianping can drive for merchants in sales.


Are you interested in driving more Chinese travelers to your F&B, retail, spa or entertainment business?
Talk to us.
We are the official partner for Meituan-Dianping in Singapore.